EDUCAUSE Review Magazine, Volume 42, Number 6, November/December 2007


  • Thirteen CIOs/Vice-Presidents discuss various aspects of the blending of responsibilities that has led to a current "identity crisis" in higher education information technology and to the organizational confusion over the role of centralized and decentralized IT services.
  • Brian L. Hawkins
    Campus IT leaders are responsible for providing a view of the technology changes that are coming over the horizon and a vision of where the "ship" of IT should be headed. The retiring EDUCAUSE president offers ten nautical maxims for charting this course for higher education IT.
  • James X. Dempsey
    The higher education community, which has hosted many of the creators of the Internet and which has woven this technology into every aspect of education, now has a responsibility to work to defend an Internet policy framework based on user control, innovation, trust, and openness/competition.
  • Gretchen Wagner
    Educational institutions should be actively rethinking how they are accessing and using copyrighted visual arts images, and they should be exploring an approach that seeks to address copyright owners' interests, as well as users' needs, in an environment that encourages increased, shared access to these images for teaching and study.
  • Art St. George and the 2007 EDUCAUSE Evolving Technologies Committee
    Focusing on "imagining the future," the EDUCAUSE Evolving Technologies Committee looked at seven technologies and trends of 2007: the Web, Google Apps, Web conferencing, m-learning, 3D printing, virtualization, and information lifecycle management and physical storage technologies for digital preservation.
  • Diana G. Oblinger
    In June 2007, a joint U.S. delegation took a twelve-day trip to China, exploring developments in higher education, business, and IT through visits to six universities, as well as the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and two research parks.
  • EDUCAUSE offers a list of readings on each of the top-ten information technology issues identified by the 2007 Current Issues Survey.


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