EDUCAUSE Review Magazine, Volume 41, Number 3, May/June 2006

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  • Charles M. Vest
    Open-access projects are stimulating a broader open-content movement, which in turn is leading to the emergence of a meta-university—an accessible, dynamic, and communally constructed framework of open materials and platforms on which much of higher education worldwide can be constructed or enhanced.
  • Annie Stunden
    Why are many of the administrative information systems implementations in higher education so dreadful? What is the problem? It's not the software, and it's not the hardware.
  • Brian L. Hawkins
    "Tremendously exciting large-scale digitization projects are opening up cultural memory as embodied in our library special collections, our museums and archives, and the public-domain segment of our published literature to unprecedented levels of access and use."
  • Barbara I. Dewey, Peter B. DeBlois, and the 2006 EDUCAUSE Current Issues Committee
    EDUCAUSE presents the findings from its seventh annual Current Issues Survey. For the first time ever, security and identity management has topped information technology funding as the number-one IT-related issue in terms of its strategic importance to the institution.


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