EDUCAUSE Review Magazine, Volume 40, Number 4, July/August 2005

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  • Chris Johnson and Cyprien Lomas
    By focusing on design principles grounded in deeper learning principles, in what makes successful teaching and learning, a campus can revolutionize the design process to create learning spaces that meet the needs of both faculty and students.
  • Carole C. Wedge and Thomas D. Kearns
    A strategic design process that identifies space needs and analyzes possible solutions, functionality, and costs allows campus planning groups and architectural designers to take a fresh look at utilization, collaboration, flexibility, and adaptability to cost-effectively create institutional learning spaces.
  • Phillip D. Long and Stephen C. Ehrmann
    This discussion of the inadequacies of traditional classrooms, of ideas that break with these traditions, and of suggested areas for the design team to keep in mind can help campuses plan pioneering, rather than imitative, learning spaces for the future.
Web Bonus!
Cyprien Lomas

This online-only section includes photos of various learning space design projects and podcast interviews with four learning space design experts:

  • Malcolm B. Brown, Director of Academic Computing, Dartmouth College
  • Linda A. Cabot, Director, Information Technology Services, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Stephen C. Ehrmann, Vice-President, TLT Group, and Director, TLT Flashlight Program for the Study and Improvement of Educational Uses of Technology
  • Joan K. Lippincott, Associate Executive Director, Coalition for Networked Information (CNI)


Book Excerpt

  • Richard N. Katz
    From Judith A. Pirani and Gail Salaway, with Richard N. Katz and John Voloudakis,Information Technology Networking in Higher Education: Campus Commodity and Competitive Differentiator
    The shifts toward an integrated cyberinfrastructure and toward pervasive and personalized intelligence and communications have enormous and exciting implications for networking in higher education.


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