EDUCAUSE Quarterly Magazine, Volume 28, Number 3, 2005

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Volume 28   Number 3  2005
Can I Have My Wallet and Keys Back, Howard?
Exposing personal data for the sake of convenience could make the PUP and telematon user a bit paranoid
By Glenn Everett
E-Personality: The Fusion of IT and Pedagogical Technique
E-Personality is a pedagogical technique designed to let an instructor's skills and ability shine through when teaching online courses
By Peter Chepya
Managing Change on Campus: Revolution and Counterrevolution
Good change management requires that IT attend to the university's deep regard for the past and the future
By Luke Fernandez
Open Educational Resources Serve the World
Sharing educational resources over the Internet provides multiple benefits, from academic collaboration to economic development
By Sally M. Johnstone
Web-Enabled Simulations: Exploring the Learning Process
The Wharton School explores whether Web-enabled simulations provide new ways of learning that are fundamentally unlike traditional methods
By Kendall Whitehouse
Web Special:
Wharton's Learning Lab: A Visual Tour
Holding the World in Your Hand: Creating a Mobile Language Learning Environment
In converting from analog to digital, a campus team decided to change the whole language-learning environment
By Read Gilgen
An ERP Post-Implementation Review: Planning for the Future by Looking Back
A study of Gonzaga's use of its enterprise resource planning system recommended further investment in the software
By Wayne D. Powel and Jim Barry
Distance Education and the Academic Department: The Change Process
Developing online courses in a traditional academic department requires sensitive management of the change process
By Ric Keaster
Building a Community of Student Employees
Does any higher education IT organization not hire students? Making them full participants in the IT community yields optimal results
By Lida Larsen
The Enterprise Compass
A four-directional guide to reaching goals and focusing achievement can help an IT department tackle change successfully and reach performance excellence
By Ken McCardle
Formulating a Policy on IT Provision
Simple strategies can go a long way toward creating IT policy that benefits the entire institution
By Alan Oxley
Roadmap for a Departmental Web Site
An academic department's Web site should provide extensive, dynamic information to serve faculty, staff, and students as part of an innovative Web presence
By Guo-Qiang Zhang, Lee White, Christopher Hesse, Marc Buchner, and Mehran Mehregany
Implementing Best Practices in Online Learning
A recent study reveals common denominators for success in Internet-supported learning
By Rob Abel
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