EDUCAUSE Review Magazine, Volume 40, Number 6, November/December 2005

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  • Bonnie Neas and the EDUCAUSE Evolving Technologies Committee
    Focusing on "tomorrow," the Evolving Technologies Committee looked at five technologies and trends—wireless, portals, outsourcing, gaming, and student collaboration tools—and dreamed about what may come as the new evolve into the even newer.
  • Gardner Campbell
    Podcasting is taking its place among the dizzying variety of grassroots media now available to everyone. Those in higher education need to understand the potential uses and value of rich media authoring, bringing podcasting into courses so that students can lift their learning to a whole new level.
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The author’s reading is also available as a podcast. Those who both read the article and listen to the audio version are invited to comment on how the two experiences compare.
  • Robert Farmer
    With IM playing a large and growing role in the communication, interactivity, and socialization skills of today's younger generation, higher education leaders and faculty must seriously consider its application and inclusion within students' learning activities.
  • Linda O'Brien
    A transformation is clearly occurring in research practice, a transformation that will have a profound impact on the roles of information professionals within higher education.
  • William H. Graves
    Higher education can use technology innovatively to redesign academic and administrative services for greater effectiveness and efficiency and to increase accountability—that is, to systematically and measurably improve and account for institutional performance.
  • Mark A. Luker
    In the current telecommunications reform debate, a central theme is the Internet. Colleges and universities—major customers and also major suppliers of telecommunications and information services—have a particularly high stake in the outcome of this debate.
  • EDUCAUSE offers a list of readings on each of the top-ten information technology issues identified by the 2005 Current Issues Survey.
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Brian Voss, Chief Information Officer at Louisiana State University, talked with Richard Katz, EDUCAUSE Vice President, about how the recent hurricanes affected IT at higher education institutions in the area, the role played by LSU, and the need for disaster-recovery plans.


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