EDUCAUSE Quarterly Magazine, Volume 28, Number 1, 2005

Volume 28   Number 1  2005
Strategic Planning: What's So Strategic About It?
The strategic aspect of planning implies a structured process, creative thinking, teamwork, and flexibility—plus one very important catalyst
By Bart Strong
Planning for Neomillennial Learning Styles
Shifts in students' learning style will prompt a shift to active construction of knowledge through mediated immersion
By Chris Dede
Leading the Transition from Classrooms to Learning Spaces
The convergence of technology, pedagogy, and space can lead to exciting new models of campus interaction
By Diana Oblinger
Faculty and Administrators Collaborating for E-Learning Courseware
Faculty incentives, clear ownership and usage rights and adequate funding will encourage faculty to explore technology for teaching
By Brian C. Donohue and Linda Howe-Steiger
OneCleveland: Connecting the Digital City
A digital landscape created with fiber-optic and broadband wireless technology connects the digital campus to the digital city
By Lev Gonick and Priya Junnar
Supporting Online Students with Personal Interaction
Providing high levels of personal, interactive support to students proved critical to the success of Florida State's online programs
By Ronald C. Thomas, Jr.
Advice for an IT Advisory Committee
Observing a few key points will help you get the most from IT advisory committees at your institution
By William H. Pritchard
Fostering E-Mail Security Awareness: The West Point Carronade
An e-mail security awareness proof-of-concept exercise conducted at West Point helped foster and strengthen online security practices among cadets
By Aaron J. Ferguson
Video as Process and Product
Video self-modeling—part of the Russ Berrie Sales Institute curriculum—is captured, edited, and reused in student e-portfolios demonstrating their sales skills
By Sandra L. Miller
E-Journaling: Achieving Interactive Education Online
Electronic journaling enhances interactivity in traditional and online courses, fostering intellectual exchange and successful learning
By Jonnie Jill Phipps
Leveraging LMSs to Enhance Campus-Based Student Engagement
Learning management systems influence student engagement and learning outcomes in ways that we do not properly understand�and should
By Hamish Coates
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