EDUCAUSE Review Magazine, Volume 39, Number 4, July/August 2004

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  • Brad Wheeler
    Institutions are in search of a new model to fund application software. Community source projects—based on open source philosophy and licensing—offer promise for developing sustainable economics and for advancing the frontiers of innovation.
  • Gary Greenberg
    The digital convergence of text, graphics, sound, and video is extending the portfolio model—a system of organizing and sharing work and engaging mentors, peers, colleagues, friends, and family in ongoing discussions and feedback—to many disciplines and programs.
  • Ali Jafari
    In developing and implementing a lasting ePortfolio system, higher education first must tackle many challenges and also must identify those ePortfolio system attributes that will lead to success. The ePortfolio Success Algorithm can be used to facilitate a "sticky" ePortfolio project.
  • Susan Walsh Veronikas and Michael F. Shaughnessy
    "We have to look at what we're trying to accomplish in a particular course and figure out the right blend of face-to-face and online. That blend is going to vary from subject to subject and particularly from student to student. . . . But I think that hybrid courses are very definitely the way of the future."


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