EDUCAUSE Review Magazine, Volume 39, Number 3, May/June 2004

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  • Donald Z. Spicer, Peter B. DeBlois, and the EDUCAUSE Current Issues Committee
    EDUCAUSE presents the findings from its fifth annual Current Issues Survey. For the second year in a row, funding of information technology heads the list of the top-ten issues that IT leaders in higher education see as their most critical challenges.
  • Vinton G. Cerf
    Following up on his ideas published in EDUCAUSE Review in September/October 2002, one of the principal fathers of the Internet discusses R&D, security, IPv6, RFID, telecom regulation, ICANN, and the Interplanetary Internet.
  • Chris Ferguson, Gene Spencer, and Terry Metz
    The mergers of IT and library operations in higher education institutions are producing a new generation of information organizations, providing services and opportunities that neither IT nor the library can offer separately.
  • Peter Smith
    Arguments that question the value of IT to the academy or that lowball the opportunity costs of failing to harness technology to its full potential in higher education both reflect and fuel an arrogant, confident complacency that ignores underlying dangers.


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