EDUCAUSE Review Magazine, Volume 39, Number 1, January/February 2004


  • Shirley Ann Jackson
    Science and IT are emerging into an era of global convergence, with exciting multidisciplinary breakthroughs around the world. At the same time, the United States is facing a quiet crisis: the talent in these fields is not being replaced in sufficient numbers in this country.
  • Mark A. Luker
    "We need to combine new requirements for security with the persistent goal of allowing invention and innovation to happen on the Internet. We need to pick up that leadership and show people that we can achieve both goals—network security and network innovation—at the same time."
  • David L. Smallen
    Traveling 15,000 miles during the course of nine months, the author visited twenty-eight liberal arts colleges and universities to discuss their IT practices in relation to the academic program, the campus-wide infrastructure, use of the Web, and overall institutional efficiency.

Book Excerpt

  • James Utterback
    Analysis of how innovations enter and transform enterprises reveals several strategies for mastering innovation as a creative force for renewal.