EDUCAUSE Review Magazine, Volume 37, Number 2, March/April 2002

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Book Excerpt

  • The Organizational Challenge
    IT and Revolution in Higher Education
    From Richard N. Katz and Associates, www Portals and Higher Education: Technologies to Make IT Personal


  • Leadership
    Commerce, Language, and Culture under One Roof
    William H. Crouch Jr.
  • E-Content
    Technology's Payload
    Deanna B. Marcum
  • New Horizons
    Web Services: Stitching Together the Institutional Fabric
    Carl Jacobson
  • policy@edu
    What's Policy Got to Do with IT?
    Rodney J. Petersen
  • Viewpoints
    Vive la Difference?
    Gregory A. Jackson
  • Homepage
    The Wise and Trusted Counselor
    Cynthia Golden