EDUCAUSE Review Magazine, Volume 35, Number 5, September/October 2000

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  • Leadership
    Information Technology: Focusing on Improved Teaching and Learning
    by Diana Natalicio
  • Inside IT
    Building an Effective Online Course-Development Community
    by Kandis M. Smith & Margaret Gunderson
  • New Horizons
    Digital Certificates: How, Why, What to Do Next
    by Gregory A. Jackson
  • policy@edu
    Physician, Heal Thyself
    by Ronald L. Larsen
  • Viewpoints
    Collaborations Great and Small
    by Diane Balestri


  • Managing Academic Information Resources in the Future []
    by Richard N. Katz
    From Brian L. Hawkins and Patricia Battin, eds.,
    Mirage of Continuity: Reconfiguring Academic Information Resources for the 21st Century