Creating a Flexible, Collaborative Classroom

    From day to day — and even hour to hour throughout the day — the collaborative classroom may adopt a unique look and feel. Learn how to creatively use furniture to create the flexible space that optimizes student engagement.

  • The Future of IT in Academic Medicine: People Forward

    Often, what look like IT problems instead reflect organizational culture issues that require putting people first in finding resolutions. The widely distributed IT support for the Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia encountered dissonance arising from such cultural issues, identified through the Future of IT review and addressed by its recommendations.

  • Open Source and the NGDLE

    If the transformation to an NGDLE implies a disaggregation of the "services formerly known as the LMS," factors other than technical feasibility and pedagogical desirability come into play. Customization provided by open-source software creates rich soil for innovation.


    Using Big Data to Improve Retention and Graduation Rates

    College graduation rates continue to slip. After six years, only slightly more than half of college undergraduate students are completing a four-year undergraduate degree. Students and parents are growing more concerned with the length of time it takes to graduate and with the growing student debt load. Using big data and analytics, universities and colleges can improve their four-year graduation rates, thereby saving students a significant amount of money, reducing college debt, and accelerating the student’s path to a successful professional career.

  • The AI Revolution on Campus

    • by Michael King
    • August 28, 2017
    • In Print

    The coming decades will see a new wave of personalization enabled by big data and artificial intelligence. Higher education has the potential and the imperative to lead that transformation.

  • The IT Workforce: A Journey of Continuous Change

    Higher education IT leaders must commit to a journey of continuous change and improvement. Driven sometimes by technology and sometimes by cultural change, we must make sure our teams are prepared and supported as we take this journey together.