EDUCAUSE Review Magazine, Volume 40, Number 5, September/October 2005


  • Kitzzy Aviles, Bill Phillips, Tim Rosenblatt, and Jessica Vargas
    Four students—representing Baby Boomers, Generation-Xers, and Millennials—discuss the use of technology in teaching and learning, the role of professors and the adoption of technology by professors, the importance of technology for social networking, and the need for more university-provided technology services.
  • Sarah E. Smith and Anthony Potoczniak
    Two graduate students share their perspectives, gained from their experiences on both sides of the lectern, about how various technologies can be used successfully in classroom settings to improve learning through connectivity.
  • Carie Windham
    To bridge the technology cultural gap between many faculty and administrators and the youngest generation of college students, a recent graduate reveals what being a "Net Gener" really means and how that can translate to the classroom.
  • Marc Prensky
    Among the various types of students, one group is quickly becoming the majority and presents the top challenge for educators today.
Web Bonus!
  • What Does the Net Generation Expect from Us?
    Joel L. Hartman and Gregory Roberts
    In a session at the August 2005 Seminars on Academic Computing, Joel L. Hartman, Vice Provost for Information Technologies and Resources at the University of Central Florida, and Gregory Roberts, a recent graduate of the University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown, discussed "What Does the Net Generation Expect from Us?"
  • Student Blogs
    Students are now blogging on the EDUCAUSE Community Blog.
  • Diana G. Oblinger
    Understanding learners, learning principles, and learning technologies is necessary for institutions with a goal of using IT to improve learning. Helping institutions to do so—and thus to advance learning through IT innovation—is the goal of the ELI.


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