EDUCAUSE Review Magazine, Volume 41, Number 1, January/February 2006


  • Jerry D. Campbell
    Deep into the digital age, academic libraries have relinquished much of their fundamental and sustaining role. For most people, including academicians, the library---in its most basic function as a source of information---has become overwhelmingly a virtual destination.
  • Ron Bleed
    Today's IT leaders can work as alchemists, bringing people, technologies, and learning content together to produce three types of true gold: twenty-first-century hybrid courses, learning spaces, and literacy.
  • Diana G. Oblinger
    "We strive to provide faculty and learners an opportunity to experiment with learning spaces that have been designed with a radical flexibility that encourages them to 'please move the furniture' and that untethers them to the maximum extent possible."
  • Brian L. Hawkins
    If IT professionals can start learning these twelve skills early in their career, they will have a good chance of turning the skills into habits---and of becoming successful and effective IT professionals.


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